Monday, August 25, 2014


In the past two years I've added a Jacob flock and a CVM/Romeldale flock to my Navajo Churro flock, as well as a small flock of Bluefaced Leicesters.  Breeding this fall will be for:




Navajo Churro x BFL
plus a few crossbred ewes x BFL and/or CVM

If you have any interest in any of the 2015 crop, please contact me.  Breeding groups are going together in the next week, with lambing spread out through winter and early spring.  There are also a few fall lambs expected.

Animals available:

Rams - this has been a rebuilding year for me; my N-C rams have gotten quite old, and while they are fit and willing, they can't cover as many girls as they used to.  NFF Shane and MTF Mr. Majestic are both 8, and JW Van is 7.  I have kept back the best of the early born rams.  I have some from the May crop that seem promising, but will be too young to guarantee as breeders this fall.  Most likely they will be good prospects for anyone looking for a ram next spring.

Ewes - I may have a few May born ewe lambs available this fall.  There will be bred ewes available.  Contact me early for the best selection.  Otherwise some of the N-C ewes available will be exposed to BFL rams

Pictures will go up on my new website, currently under construction.

On breeding for mule lambs:  I have more demand for a chunkier lamb than I do for purebred N-C lambs.  I will be attempting to preserve the bloodlines I have and rotate which ewes are bred for mule lambs and which are bred for purebred.

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